Can you envision the Black Belt?

Have you thought about what earning a black belt would mean for you or your child? Our goal at 7 Spears is that every student reaches this level of excellence. We know the road can get rocky, but we wanted to remind you why this is such an important accomplishment! 

  1. To stick with a program long term and achieve this level of excellence takes incredible discipline that few possess. Think about what this kind of discipline will do for you or your child in school, a career, etc. 
  2. Martial arts not only includes self-defense training but also self-confidence building. This is a trait that helps children stand up for themselves, tackle challenges, and bounce back from setbacks. Confidence enables us to take healthy risks, say no to peer pressure and communicate our needs.
  3. The overall character of a black belt is priceless. Truthfully it’s not about the belt, it’s what the belt represents. Students who achieve this level are physically capable and have a high level of fitness and strength, but also possess qualities that set them apart. The program is designed to develop humility, perseverance, discipline, focus, confidence, excellence, mastery and so on.  

If you haven’t set this as a goal we encourage you to do so no matter what age or level you are! There’s no reason why you or your child can’t reach black belt and enjoy all of the benefits it includes. Set your goal, visualize the end result and let us know how we can better help you stay on track! 

Check out our black belt parent, Sarah, and find out how she helped her daughter achieve this amazing accomplishment: Champion Parent: Martial Arts is a Lifestyle! – YouTube