Build Your Grit!

Mr. Marco is a Muay Thai and Tang Soo Do practitioner, competitor, and instructor. When asked “what keeps you motivated?”, here’s what he has to say:

“Most training days it’s easy to get up and go without a second thought about it. But there are those days when that isn’t so easy, you lack motivation. The reality is, that the most important time to train is when you mentally don’t feel like it. It’s those days that you build your grit, your determination, and your discipline, and show what’s really important to you. It’s those days you need to dig down and remind yourself why you started.”

Mr. Marco is a current USA Muay Thai Federation registered fighter and competes in the International Kickboxing Federation. He holds the rank of first-degree black belt in Tang Soo Do. Marco actively competes in the tournament circuit and holds 2 gold medals as an International Martial Arts Champion. He has taught self-defense classes and also has knowledge of various weight training and conditioning methods.