Common Martial Arts Exercises for Your Core

Martial arts training includes many exercises that most people don’t realize work your core.

Ever wonder why practitioners and competitors tend to have killer abs?

I wanted to show you a few simple movements you can do to strengthen your core. Remember, when we talk about your core, we’re not just talking about that top layer of abs that we see – we’re talking about muscles deep within the abdomen: your low back, your hips, and your glutes. All these are the muscles that work together to provide balance and stability to our movement. When you add these moves into your normal routine, you’re going to see an improvement in all of your techniques.

I will demonstrate moves and techniques that are not only great for your core, but also for building strength in your arms, back, and legs. You will challenge stabilizing muscles and get a total body workout that’s great for cardio endurance.

Follow along in the video for just a few of these exercises you can do on your own!

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Martial Arts Exercises for Your Core