FAQ- Adult Muay Thai Training

Adult students most often ask the following questions:

Q: I’ve never done martial arts before and I’m not very fit. Can I still participate in training?

A: Absolutely! You don’t need to be at a certain fitness level or have any previous experience to participate in our program. Your fitness, flexibility, and coordination will improve as you continue to train and our staff and experienced students are always welcoming and ready to help new beginners! We encourage you to take things at your own pace and you will always feel supported when you attend training!

Q: Is there a high risk of injury in martial arts training?

A: Not here at Seven Spears Martial Arts because we provide a safe and friendly environment with no egos or attitudes. Our students encourage one another and are always willing to help new students. Our drills are controlled and catered to your experience level, and sparring is only included for those students who are interested in competing and joining our fight team.

Q: Work/life is stressful and sometimes I want to skip training and relax. How can I keep motivated?

A: We totally get it, but in order to stay successful and productive you have to take care of yourself! Fitness is critical to help you feel better, sleep better and have more energy to tackle the rest of your responsibilities. Getting to the gym is the hardest part and once you get there, you won’t regret it!

Q: What can I do to set myself up for success?

A: Here are a few tips and suggestions to help you get the most from our program:
1. Stay consistent. Successful students stick to a schedule and keep those days dedicated to their training.
2. Fuel your body for success! Make sure you’re staying hydrated and eating a healthy and balanced diet. We recommend you eat something light with lean protein about an hour to 30 minutes before class for optimal performance.
3. Stretch and rest. Stretching after class will keep you limber and help you avoid muscle pulls. Also be sure to give yourself at least one rest day each week to avoid overtraining.
4. Communicate and connect with fellow students. Community support will help to keep you going when your motivation wanes and we are here to support and encourage you so that you reach the goals you set out to achieve!

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