Nicholle Fernandez

Ms. Nicholle Fernandez began her training in Muay Thai at Seven Spears Martial Arts as a way to spend more time with her family while staying healthy. Since joining Seven Spears, Ms. Nicholle has added Tang Soo Do and Ladies Kickboxing to her skill set. As Women’s Kickboxing Instructor and Assistant Instructor for Muay Thai and Karate, she loves to challenge students to grow physically and mentally. She is very passionate about maintaining an active lifestyle and helping others make meaningful, conscious changes to benefit their nutrition and well-being.

As the Program Director for Seven Spears, Ms. Nicholle adores each and every student that walks through our doors. She is a true advocate for creating a safe, respectful environment where students from all walks of life are welcomed to train. Ms. Nicholle encourages everyone, ESPECIALLY parents, to try any of the classes offered at Seven Spears – it could change your life for the better!