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Womens Kickboxing Summer Special

Join us and see why ladies love our Women’s Kickboxing Class!

If you’re new to kickboxing or new to working out, this is a great option for you. We structure the class so that total beginners can follow along while seasoned pros can get the workout they’re looking for. There’s no judgment or expectation and you can count on lots of support, encouragement, and fun!

Our women’s kickboxing classes are designed to help you burn fat, build muscle, and improve your cardio fitness.


What does a typical class look like?

Women's kickboxing near me

First, you’ll start with a warm-up routine that includes stretches, and mobility exercises, and learn some basic kicks and punches.

Then, you’ll move into a circuit training session where you’ll perform different strength moves and drills, and hit that bag. You’ll also focus on core work and glutes.

Finally, you’ll finish with a cool-down routine that helps you relax and recover.

Our instructors are very hands-on thoroughly explaining each move and technique. They always encourage you to do your best, push through the hard stuff and offer support and guidance. Classes run for about 45 mins and it goes by fast!


5 Benefits of Kickboxing

  1. Develop self-defense skills while working out. The skills themselves are so much fun you forget you’re exercising!
  2. Stress relief. Who doesn’t need that right now?
  3. Weight loss and cardio conditioning.
  4. Body toning and sculpting. These moves will lift those glutes, slim your waist, and tone those shoulders!
  5. Be part of a supportive and encouraging community dedicated to your health and wellness!

Womens Kickboxing Summer Special!

$49 for 2 Weeks of Classes PLUS Boxing Gloves!

Are you ready for your best summer ever?

There’s no time to waste, our Summer Special is here to kickstart your season into high gear!

$49 for 2 weeks of our highly rated Women’s Kickboxing Classes PLUS Boxing Gloves!

Sign up now and join us for the best way to get into shape this summer.


Womens Kickboxing Workout Summer Special
We hope to see you on the mat soon! No equipment is necessary for first-time students.

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If you’re looking for some resources to get healthy and start working out at home please check out our Youtube page. We’ve got a Fitness and Conditioning playlist with follow-along routines and exercises to get you moving.

Kickboxing for women in Poway


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