Summer Camp in Poway!

Looking for a super fun and beneficial summer camp in Poway for your kids? Check out one of our martial arts-focused sessions!

Students will gain valuable self-defense and leadership skills while working on physical strength, coordination, character development, and leadership. Could your child use more discipline, focus, or confidence? Our camps focus on building all of these attributes as well as learning physical martial arts techniques. If you’re looking for a camp that will challenge and grow your child, be sure to sign them up for martial arts camp!

Camps are offered half-day and full-day with early registration discounts! Early drop-off and late pick-up options are available as well.

Summer Camp in Poway Summer Camp in Poway Session Summer Camp in Poway Session

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Camp Overview

All sessions will include basic self-defense skills, strength and flexibility exercises and leadership building activities. Our emphasis is on leadership and character development so students will leave camp with skills they can apply anywhere!

Session 1: Students will learn basic bo staff and sword skills along with drills to improve hand-eye coordination and basic defensive techniques. Bo staff training will include basic spins, blocks and strikes. Sword will include technique, blocks and strikes.

Session 2:  Students will learn a range of kicks including basic kicks, jump kicks, spinning and flying kicks. The focus will be on agility and flexibility along with building leg strength and control. This session will also include basic martial arts tricking skills like the butterfly kick, point 180, advanced kicking combinations and more.

Session 3: In this camp students will get a well-rounded session of the multiple martial arts skills we teach. They will learn self-defense, striking, basic weapons, sweeps and throws and much more! We’ll also include special ninja games for fun!

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