Tips to Kickstart a Healthy New Year!

With the new year brings renewed motivation and excitement over accomplishing new goals and reaching new limits. While we all start off with good intentions, even the most disciplined individuals can fall off track as the newness of the new year wears off. Follow these 5 practical strategies to set yourself up for success in 2021!

Visualize the end result.

Keeping a mental picture of what you want to accomplish will help you push through temptations to go off course. Write down your goals in detail and ask yourself these questions:

How will you feel when you succeed? 

What will your life look like when this goal is accomplished?

What doors will this accomplishment open? 

How will this help improve the lives of your family/friends and others around you?

Write this down and post or keep it somewhere you can easily access.  

Make your goals progressive.

Many New Year’s resolutions fail because they’re too drastic and require dramatic changes that are hard to maintain. If you’ve barely exercised your entire life, try a goal of walking for 20 minutes each day for the first 30 days of the year. You’ll notice improvements in your energy from this alone and can then increase this goal to add more time or intensity to your routine. Small improvements over time make for lasting success. Set goals for the first 30 days of the year to get you on the right track and in the right mindset, then add to these goals as you go! 

Track your progress.

Write down your goals and keep track daily or weekly of your progress. Keeping a record of your performance adds motivation and gives you a sense of accomplishment when you look back and see the improvements you’ve made. That sense of accomplishment gives you even more inspiration and confidence in your ability to succeed at your goals! 

Forgive failures and move forward. 

It’s going to happen. Unexpected obstacles are a fact of life so keep this in mind when you start on your journey. Maybe you have a bad day or even a bad week. That doesn’t mean your goals have failed and you should give up. Refer back to tip #1 and start again!

Adjust goals when necessary. 

If a goal no longer motivates you or doesn’t make sense logistically, it’s okay to scrap that goal and come up with a new one. For example: if your goal is to run 3 days a week for cardio exercise but you discover that you really hate running, pick a different cardio exercise. Or perhaps you discover that running is really hard on your joints, there are plenty of additional options that you may enjoy more and feel better doing to reach the same end result. Performing a regular assessment of your goals will ensure that what you’re pursuing is truly meaningful to you and will lead to lasting life improvements. 

Constant forward movement is the key to reaching your goals. There’s always something to improve and work toward. Even if it’s baby steps, just keep going! Cheers to 2021! 


By Stephanie Spears

7 Spears Martial Arts Academy 

7 Spears Fit Shop