Take Initiative!

Taking initiative means choosing to act before being asked to do so. Last month we focused on leadership and taking initiative is one of the traits of a good leader. It means knowing what to do and having the discipline or responsibility to do it. Initiative is necessary to accomplish goals and achieve success. If you wait around for something to happen, it almost never will. Here’s are some ways to take initiative: 

  1. Anticipate needs: Pay attention to what actions need to be taken to achieve a goal or complete a task. If you know your martial arts gear or uniform is dirty and you’ll need it for the following week, make the effort to clean it yourself instead of waiting for someone else to do it.
  2. Stay ahead of things: If you know you have a test coming up in school, start creating a study outline early. If you know you have homework that will be due by the end of the week, get a head start on it early and finish before the due date. Prepare what you need for school or training the night before.
  3. Other examples of initiative:
    1. Put your toys away before your parents ask you 
    2. Help clean the dishes without being told
    3. Help put away equipment or pick up trash at the studio 
    4. Ask your parents how you can be more helpful at home

Questions for home discussion: 

  1. Why do we need initiative? 
  2. What can you do in your home to take initiative? 
  3. What can you do at the studio? 
  4. What can you do in school? 


“Don’t wait for your ship to come in, swim out to it.”

Cathy Hopkins